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    Del Rio vs. Ziggler...

    Thought they worked well together...

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    If zigs is gonna end up getting put over at WM 29, it can't be Del Rio. In my opinion, del rio is much better in the ring and on the mic as a face, but he is not ready to carry another mania main event...especially if it is putting over a guy like ziggler who needs all the momentum he can get. Alberto's entrance, promos, and connection with the crowd is lackluster at best and ricardo isn't doing him favors by only yelling "Si Si Si"

    I think the only way to live up to ziggler waiting so long to cash in at mania is against Jericho. Now I know a lot of the IWC feels jericho comes in and steals people's spotlight, but seriously the guy is better in the ring than anyone in the locker room besides Punk, Dbry, ziggler, and cesaro (del rios lucha style is growing on me as well). Enough with these old timer mid carders (henry, big slow, swagger) with their dry, lazy "powerful unstoppable" heel booking on Smackdown.

    Y2J vs Ziggler needs to happen and it NEEDS to happen for the title. Their rivalry isn't enough...the best guys in the ring should be fighting for the title. Fuck spreading the card out, if ziggler leaves wrestlemania 29 as the world heavyweight HAS to be epic.
    "This is the way you handle it. Its easy, its simple to digest because you people cant handle anything complicated. You people cant stomach anything interesting. We're all here in the circus to entertain YOU. And nobody has been able to obtain a modicum of success without you...until I showed up. Im successful not because of you. Im successful in spite of you"

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    Great match between the two on Main Event. I could see them putting on a great WM match.
    Here's the problem: what's the angle? what's the issue between the two? where's the chemistry on the mic?
    Not every big match has to have a great build-up, but if it doesn't the match ends up kinda dry.


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