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Thread: Roman Reigns!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post

    "Damn you, WWE! Don't pick up the Japanese guy! You're just going to give him a generic Asian gimmick!"

    --- Said by the same ones.

    ...I've watched Japanese wrestling... they all look stereotypically Asian.
    the first one made WWE look racist...

    The second one made you look racist

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    Seth will, I think, be the breakout face.

    I see it working out like this:

    Seth = Cena
    Dean = Orton/Punk
    Roman = Batista.

    Big 3.
    I don't think that.

    I dunno. With Reigns always being seperated from the other two during the entrances, I think he may be the 'outcasted' one.

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    I think all 3 have incredible potential futures in the WWE, with each having a somewhat unique look that hasn't seen in awhile in the WWE *for the most part*

    -Ambrose easily has the best mic skills of the group and if they WWE doesn't tie the leash to tight on him, his mouth will take him to the top

    -Rollins is for lack of a better comparison, very much like a younger version of CM Punk in the ring, he'll definately be a guy you can sell big technical matches on

    -Roman Reigns easily has the best superstar look and the IT factor needed to be huge, he just needs time to build himself into such a roll, much like Batista and The Rock were given early on in there careers in factions such as Nation of Domination and Legacy

    I just hope all three can handle the pressures of potentially being labelled the Future of WWE
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    Okay this is awesome news. He clearly has "IT" and is just a matter of time before he is a star. What about this. Imagine The Rock some how helped Regins. I mean really got aggressive and on his side. Together as a tag. Wouldn't couldn't this catapult him into the main event?
    What a real Championship looks like.

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    I've always really wanted to see a Anoaʻi Family stable.
    I'd have The Usos as Tag Team Champions, managed by Rikishi.
    Samu, Manu and L.A Smooth as one sub-faction, all wearing black and silver
    Roman Reigns and Rosey as a tag-team wearing black and gold
    Tama as a manager who occationally wrestles.
    Bring in Black Pearl as the jobber of the group.
    I'd have The Rock as the leader; I'd give him a new attire, some full-length leggings with a simular pattern to Peter Mavia's tattoo design.
    Also have a re-packaged Camacho managed by Haku, Sim Snuka and Tamina Snuka managed by Jimmy "SuperFly" Snuka.
    I'd also have The Barbarian as a manager thrown into the mix too as Roman Reigns' manager.

    I'd have Roman use Moment of Silence, Jackknife PowerBomb, Football tackle (modified spear, gore), Spine Buster, Samoan Drop, Samoan Spike, Banzai Drop and Stretch Plum as his main move set.

    Start the group my having The Rock and The Wild Samoans cutting a promo on how their family has been over-looked compared to The Harts, Armstrongs, Von Erics etc and now they're taking the WWE back.

    WWE Champion - The Rock
    Intercontinental Champion - Roman Reins
    US Champion (re-branding the belt as The Samoan Championship) - Manu
    Tag Team Champions - The Usos
    Divas Champion - Tamina

    You could have the Anoaʻi Family take out the other big families and stables in WWE; I'd run a storyline where they feud with the top faces leading to a Survivor Series elimination match; after loosing the match I'd have The Rock revert back to a baby face and release everyone else except Usos, Rikishi and Tamina.

    That's how I'd book it anyway.

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    TBH i think it will take some time for Reigns to develop a character on TV by himself he has struggled to do this (Speaking developmentally)
    He wrestled as Leakee as a face in FCW and had the worst finisher of all time a bulldog with theatrics just awful!

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    The problem is Reigns is the most green of the Shield group, he needs to work on the road with the more experienced Ambrose and Rollins. The Rock wanted an Island boys group when he was WWE champ years ago and Vince said no. A group of The Rock, Reigns, Uso's, Tamina and either her brother Sim Sunka or their cousin who is down on the farm in Fla would be great. Maybe they could even us Rikishi as their adviser / manager

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    Everyone cries about Reigns because he isn't an indie darling. The Rock wasn't an indie darling, and The Rock had a football background. Goldberg wasn't an indie darling, and Goldberg had a football background. This guy not being an indie darling has no bearing what so ever on how successful he can be.

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    For some reason I like this guy. Hopefully Uncle Vince wont wait untill he's all busted up & damned near crippled to do something with Roman. I don't really care if he's related to Dwayne or not, if he's got the love for wrestling let him prove himself to us(the fans)& place in situations that he's gonna learn from & improve. He does indeed need to improve on the mic but a couple of acting classes will cure that in no time. As far as his in ring skills I haven't seen do anything but he does seem to have that intangable that makes him stand out. Roman is definitely the Batista of the shield, only time will tell if he can break away from the pack.

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    Anyone lamenting Reigns in the ring, on the mic or anything else, I have two words for ya: Ry Borg!

    If Vince wants you to be huge and over, you'll be huge and over!


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