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    World Title is more interesting than WWE Title

    Is it just me or is the World Title picture more interesting right now than the WWE title?

    I am a Punk fan, not a Cena hater, and am ready for The Rock to return to Hollywood. Barring any type of unforeseen swerve, I am totally uninterested in this seeming three way rivalry for the gold. I believe the booking is rather vanilla and easily predictable through to WM. The potential for something happening beyond my deductive reasoning is there, but improbable, therefore my disinterest.

    The World Title picture on the other hand is completely unpredictable. I like the direction that ADR, Swagger, Mark Henry,Show, and even Dolph Ziggler are headed. There are also potential for turns (Orton to heel, and Ziggler to face.)As of right now the EC is anyone's match to win. (Booking has so many options.) There are so many potential rivalries, for the gold and not for the gold, that could and should come out of EC. I don't know what WM matches will come from this, nor do I believe does the creative team at the E. There is potential to screw the pooch as always, but the super"stars" are alligning for the World Title picture to be much more interesting in the coming months.



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