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    the Canadian Pro Wrestling Federation!

    Mike Sydal: Younger brother of Matt "Evan Bourne" Sydal. A good highflier who uses a Shooting Star Press as a finisher.
    Kenny Doane: 26 year old Kenny Doane, who once wrestled for the WWE as Kenny Dykstra, is a good brawler and technichal wrestler who uses the RK-Doane as a finisher.
    "The Insane Luchadore" Super Crazy: A good high flier. He was once a member of the Mexicools in WWE and also wrestled in the original ECW. He uses the Trifecta as a finisher.
    "Canadian Dynamite" Max Boyer: A very talented Canadian worker. He is a great technical wrestler and uses the Life Style as a finisher.
    Hallowicked: Very talented high flier who is best known for his work in Chikara. He uses the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow as a finisher.
    Frightmare: Like his partner and mentor, Hallowicked, the young Frightmare is a talented high flier best known for his work in Chikara. He uses the Kneecolepsy as a finisher.

    Teddy Hart: A third gen pro wrestler from the famous Hart family and probably the most reviled man on the North American indy circuit. He uses the Hart Destroyer as a finisher.
    Jack Evans: Best known for his time in Ring of Honor as a member of perhaps the most succesful indy stable ever, Generation Next, the extremely talented Evans uses a 630 Senton as a finisher.
    Chuck Taylor: Talented technical wrestler who has wrestled for Chikara for many years. He uses the Omega Driver as a finisher.
    Harry Smith: The son of the famed.British Bulldog and cousin of fellow CPWF wrestler Teddy Hart. He uses the Sharpshooter as a finisher.
    Ruckus: A very talented high flier and leader of the BLKOUT stable in Combat Zone Wrestling, he is a talented high flier. He uses the Hate Crime as a finisher.
    Sabian: Like his BLKOUT partner, Ruckus, Sabian is a talented high flier. He uses the Niableena Foot Stomp as a finisher.

    Championships: CPWF championship: Vacant.
    CLWF Tag Team chapmionships: vacant.

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