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    Which match would you have rather seen at WM28, Austin vs Punk or Punk vs Jericho?

    Simple question with a simply answer. Vote and discuss why you chose that.

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    I think it is pretty obvious, even Punk would have chosen Austin the way he was pitching last year.

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    I would rather see the match between Jericho and punk. Obviously the promo work between Austin and Punk would work on so many levels that most feuds don't. But you asked about which match I would prefer and I would rather watch TE great wre
    stling match between Jericho and punk.

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    Punk/Y2J is the better match. Austin/Punk would not be good due to Austin being no where near main event able. Austin with a 6 month run with a match some where in the middle to the end could be good match but to have Austin try and pull off a one night fight with no good run to see where he is at in the ring is not good.

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    well even though we already seen punk vs jericho last year, they still would put on a great show & feud. If it was austin vs punk, would austin be rusty? would they make him a lame guy like the rock? would the promo work be restrained? its not worth having a half assed feud, If i was to watch it would be y2j vs punk.

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    Punk vs Jericho would be a much better match. Jericho is more in his prime, so I went with Jericho. I think watching punk vs stone cold steve austin would be like watching Lebron James vs Michael Jordan right now in a pick up game... I know wrestling is fake, but Punk is obviously in better shape and in his prime, whereas SCSA is far out of his prime.

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    Jericho, Austin was still pretty banged up that time last year and we all saw the condition Jericho was in.

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    Punk vs Jericho

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    Haha Well this back-fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    Haha Well this back-fired.
    Yeah his second post really set himself up for a fall here.

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