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    Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger?

    Am I the only sensing a WrestleMania feud between the two about to start?

    At first, I assumed that when Swagger came back, he'd be a babyface and we'd have an America vs. Europe US title feud against Cesaro. But now, it's apparent that they're keeping him heel, and he's more vicious than ever. He's also in the WHC #1 contender Chamber match this Sunday. Were he to win, we'd have Del Rio vs. Swagger at WrestleMania. America vs. Mexico, with the bad "Fox News" side of America being represented, if you know what I mean.

    I do NOT think Swagger would win a title match against Del Rio, but he could definately butcher him enough in the ring for Ziggler to swoop in with MITB and finally giving us a WrestleMania cash-in.



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