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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    Just because hasn't been being reported doesn't mean it isn't going to happen. I mean no one saw CM Punk turning heel on Raw 1000.
    True, true...But it just seems like its dropped off the radar entirely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    Michael Cole is not the problem with Raw's commentary. Michael Cole has NEVER been the problem with Raw's commentary.

    The problem is Jerry Lawler. The second Jim Ross left the table, The King stopped giving a damn and only shows up nowadays for a weekly paycheck. Every other guy that does commentary in the company (Layfield, Mathews, Striker, Stanford, and now Miz and Dawson) all run circles around Lawler on the head-set.
    Oh yes. "I swear to God!" he is one of the two main problems behind the announce table.

    He over sells everything at WrestleMania, like he's trying to constantly trying to be a part of something special at the event, there are mainy occasions where he got his history wrong. He's like that one annoying kid in school who always reminds everyone of every single part of the movie he watched the night before. He always tells everything that happened, little by little to the smallest detail just seconds after it happened, like no one saw it, and for those who missed it, it is still annoying. And after he reeally made his "heel" turn on the mic to set up his match with King for WM27, it was just unbearable, he did not know how to be a bad guy, just knew how to piss you off that you wanted to ring his pencil neck. Even after WrestleMania, he got stuck between trying to be a heel, then suddenly tries to cheer the faces, he just doesn't know how to color commentate, as he's trying to do both. I cannot stand either of them with the headsets on, especially when SHIELD does something. I swear, they are bad at being biased, and both of them do the commentary on Raw. It is just irritating.

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