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    Punk/Rock & Maddox....EC.

    Hi all,

    Just signed up for the site after being a reader for a few months, just wondering, with EC this Sunday, and it seemingly set in stone to be Rock/Cena II at 'Mania, how do you feel the WWE will finish the title match?

    Unless Taker is unable to compete, and they're forced to go triple threat of Rock/Cena/Punk at Mania, I believe the finish of the match will somehow involve Brad Maddox screwing Punk & Heyman to allow The Rock to retain. With The Shield being dealt punishment from Cena & Co, it seems (in my eyes anyway) Maddox is due some measure of revenge against Heyman for humilating him and having him continually attacked by The Shield, what better way to screw the Best In the World out of the championship?


    (apologies if this has been posted, still getting used to the forums!)

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