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    CM Punk - 'Best In The World' Moniker

    Hey guys, here I am with (again) one of my strange thinkings. Please read the underneath idea and give me a thought on it.

    Now before I’ll make my statements let me make sure to acknowledge to all the trolls and haters that I truly do believe CM Punk is a top drawer for WWE and that he is right now where he belongs. And I also want to state that the underneath ideas would have been better if the Part-Time superstars would have been available to use at that particular time.

    Now then, with that being said. Thinking about CM Punk’s claim to be the best in the world, I keep thinking that WWE played the ball wrong. It could have gone a completely other way. Of course I mean this in a storyline wise meaning.

    I think that they misplaced the storylines there have been used for him over the past one and a half year. His starting feud with Cena at Money In The Bank was truly a master storyline all the way through Summerslam where he was screwed by Diesel.

    But as of then, his shticks with HHH and Diesel were god awful. Okay perhaps, the timing wasn’t that good for Diesel, it could have been much better if Diesel were able to make a match with him. I still don’t understand how the WWE could go from the Punk-Diesel match to the Punk-HHH match at Night Of Champions...
    Also the tag-bout at Vengeance with HHH was not quite clear to me. A month earlier they were bickering at each other, and then they go tagging against ‘The Awesome Truth’ that also have been greatly misused.

    Then came Survivor Series. His golden moment, where he laid the foundation for his streak. Not only did he save us from the god awful ‘destiny’ of Alberto Del Rio, he proved he is where he belongs. Continuing this through TLC.
    2011 was an okay year, but when 2012 came knocking things could have been much better.

    Here Jericho shouldn’t have returned yet, and he should have gotten already then in a program with The Rock. Granted at the time being, the once in a life time booking was already in play, so this didn’t happen. But hear me out.

    The 25th anniversary of the Royal Rumble should have been the WWE Title match of Punk and The Rock.(instead of this year) It would have made a lot more sense than the Punk-Ziggler match. A good superstar of the modern era against one of the greatest superstar of the attitude era. Here the scenario should have different to what we have now. Punk winning cleanly, making a program with The Rock through ‘Mania 28 and Extreme Rules. Where he after beating The Rock time after time could have been taking the moniker: Best In The World

    After Extreme Rules, his matches at Over The Limit and Money In The Bank with Daniel Bryan and later on Kane were superb. Great storyline and match quality. Best In The World material. While in the mean time, Cena became the Raw Mr. Money in The Bank. Giving them both a program again and re-igniting ‘The Summer of Punk’.

    Raw 1000 came by and in the announced Cash-in of John Cena, Punk won the match with a heel turn thanks to Big Show. This was an event that set up the Summerslam match. A triple Threat between Punk-Show-Cena. Punk won this cleanly. Once again Best In The World material.

    Completing the heel turn of Punk, WWE added his good friend Paul Heyman as his manager. And he helped Punk all the way through his next PPV matches, including Night of Champions. Where he retained his Championship against Cena by a draw finish. This was a solid match and great match.

    Hell in a Cell saw the rising Ryback getting the spotlight of Cena (injured) where Punk won the brutal Cell match. (thanks to Maddox and possibly Heyman) But this didn’t stop Ryback, he went after Punk while Cena started hopping on this train too. Survivor Series was the PPV which made the circle come full close. Punk retained and was Champion for a year (thanks to The Shield and Heyman).

    TLC saw the WWE Champion in a nagging knee injury. Okay not everyone can go on forever, but this was a good moment of rest. And Punk should have been clamouring the moniker of Best In The World full time at this momen. Now insert the now all famous ‘End of The World as you know it’ promo’s by Jericho.

    Royal Rumble 2013 could have been a good match for Ziggler. Giving him and Punk a main event slot and something to do, while Jericho had entered as a suprise entrant and winning the Rumble match. Going after Punk’s title and Best in The world claim, settling that feud through Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules in the way it happened.

    Your Thoughts?


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