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    WHC Picture from EC to Mania

    The following contains Raw 2/11 Spoilers***

    I think tonight's Raw gave us a handful of puzzle pieces to start seeing the WHC Title picture for Wrestlemania. I'll try to coherently and neatly break this down, first the facts, then the implications, ... bear with me:

    1. They've acknowledged Dolph isn't finished with Jericho. It's why he wanted in the EC tonight.
    1A. Dolph lost to Kane. Therefore, Dolph won't get his hands on Y2J in the Chamber, so Mania is looking likely.
    2.. Jack Swagger basically cut an anti-immigration, ultra pro-America promo. He's essentially Del Rio's polar opposite at this point.
    2A. So they've introduced a storyline angle for Del Rio and Swagger, regardless of if the title is involved.
    3. Jericho is officially in the Chamber.
    4. Daniel Bryan and Kane are BOTH in the Chamber.

    So here's how I think things logically play out heading to Mania.
    1. How does Dolph get his hands on Jericho? Ziggler cashes in on Del Rio at EC. If the WHC is what Jericho wants, Ziggler will take the initiative to go get it.
    2. With Del Rio out of the title picture, he's got a very game opponent with Swagger - storyline is already shaping up. I can see Ricardo and that bearded Vet dude going at it already.
    3. Jericho wins the Chamber.
    4. Bryan and Kane fight in the Chamber, one screws over the other, they fight at Mania.

    If my theories hold true, the Mania picture for the guys currently involved in the WHC picture at EC would look as follows:
    Ziggler (c) vs Y2J
    Del Rio vs Swagger
    Bryan vs Kane
    Big Show vs ______
    Mark Henry vs Orton

    All of this said, I could be completely wrong. Thoughts?

    "I'm so damn good when I'm finished there won't be a dry eye - or dry seat - sorry ladies - in the entire arena." #HEEL


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