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    How hard is a wrestling ring?

    Im thinking of joining a wrestling school soon, but im kind of scared that it hurts. Yet i also have a "hope" feeling that it dosent hurt. I suplex myself in my basement with think carpet and i dont get hurt. But im scared if i joined a wrestling school that i wouldnt be able to take it.

    So i want to ask can someone with actual experience or knowledge tell me if a wrestling ring hurts badly or not. Im kind of worried because im not sure how it feels like, so hopefully i can get an answer.

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    Admittedly I've never felt a wwe ring but I did get to a few indy rings in south carolina years ago and their basically plywood with a sheet strapped over it
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    I'm training to be a professional wrestler, and it doesn't hurt to land if you know how to do it right, and you have right arm placement so you won't land on your hands. If your worried about pain, don't get into a wrestling ring, because you'll be to cautious and you may hurt yourself, so my advice is when they tell you to take a bump just jump and land and don't worry.

    That is all the advice I can give really.

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    The WWE ring or any pro wrestling ring is plywood with a thin amateur wrestling mat on top for padding followed by a sheet of canvas over that. This is usually the normal set-up for a ring. One of the first things you do when joining a school for pro wrestling is grunt work. You learn to set up the ring, sweep floors, etc... then you exercise by doing laps; push-ups; squats; sit-ups; lunges; commandos; pull-ups; learning proper stretching techniques and learning how to follow a proper workout diet. Then you get to the hard stuff.

    A word of advice if you don't mind, be emotionally; physically; and mentally focused on what you're doing if you plan to follow through with going to school for this. People that go in scared of getting hurt or taking a bump if you will, tend to be the first one's actually hurt. The reasoning for this is bad karma. If you are afraid and are unwilling or can't get past the fear mental block, you end up creating the situation in which you most likely will get hurt. It's a subconscious thing. The only thing to fear in life is fear itself. Everybody is afraid of failure; and many other things, it's what you do with that emotion of fear that determines whether you succeed or not. It's the same for everyone who has ever lived.

    Do you have a school in mind? If not just PM me and I could help you find a decent school that is credible.

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    If you land properly you will be grand. They vary in terms of stability you look at a ROH ring its like a trampoline and a wwe ring is a little more tight.

    All i can tell you that an IWW ring doesn't hurt that much best way is to just go for it if you have a dream try it trust me Wrestling isn't so popular here in Ireland and everyone laughed when i went for it.

    My biggest accomplishment was to wrestle practice matches against Stephen Farrelly(S.O.S as he was called now known as Sheamus) Stu Sanders (Wade Barrett) and Drew Galloway(McIntyre) will never forget it unfortunately i injured my left knee pretty badly and ended up leaving it.

    In short just go for it fella!!

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    With all due respect, if you're scared of getting hurt, then the wrestling business isn't for you. Tweet to Doug Williams - I've see him tweet with aspiring wrestlers - and he'll tell you that you're in pain for the majority of time, once you've been wrestling regularly for a few years.

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    An indy promotion up here in Canada uses a steel frame with 2x4s all lined up with simply one inch spongy mat on top all strapped down with a tarp like canvas. pretty cool, everytime I walk beside anyring, I always slap it. I feel it. I smell it. SPANK IT!....sorry, I don't know where that came from. :P Anyway, it is hard and my hand hurts everytime I hit the canvas. And the ropes aren't tethery as you probably think, they are hard and it is easy to slip through the ropes if you don't hold onto the them while running off them. I've been in a ring once and tried it. It won't take long to get use to. It is magnificant.....*sniff* Sorry, I think I'm gonna cry.

    Just love the business. In no time, you will make that ring scared of you. Make it yours. Don't be nervous.


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