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    I think you nailed it TT. The Rock and Cena feud will need a third match, but having a third match at mania would be silly. Summerslam is one of the big 4 PPV's not named Wrestlemania, so it seems like a very logical time to have this match IMO.
    I personally would love them to just fight 3 consecutive years at Mania - perhaps the third time could be for the WHC - you know, so its different than the years before.

    JK. If they do decide to do a 3rd match, Summerslam would make a ton of sense. That said, with two massive stars like the Rock and Cena - I could see Vince happily ending their feud with an 'everyone's-happy' 1-1. I picture a handshake after Mania 29, and tie a ribbon on the feud.

    Maybe this is a question for another thread, but if its Taker vs Cena & Punk vs Austin at 30... who does the Rock fight? Hopefully an up and comer - I'd prefer it to be against The Dazzler - Daniel Bryan - with a new clean look and a Ric Flair robe.

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