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    my idea for the WWE title

    ok so the rock has the title wooo whoo.! i dont care. big rock fan but he shouldnt hold the title.! so ok this is what i think should happen..

    1) with the elimination chamber coming up the wwe will have the rock win just to set up rock v cena II but with that being said the rock will leave elimination chamber against punk.

    2) the rock will continue to fued with punk because there is no one left for punk to fued with at this current time so instead of having the boring cena v rock II the E will spice things up and make what we all kinda want to happen and have it be a triple threat match for the WWE title at WM.

    3) at wrestlemania to keep it short the rock wins the title

    4) after winning the title the next night on raw the rock will retire with the WWE title and leave the title vacant

    5) which brings back the KOR tournament for the chance to win the title and be KOR and makes it a prominent piece of the PPV rotation and maybe eliminate one of the stupid ppvs they have that make no sense on the ppv card.

    6) the KOR will be won by either Cena or Punk of course the only wild card would be ryback because vince wants to push him so much i personally would like to see punk vs orton for the title but it will never happen because both are either heels or will eventually be a hell and neither are a good face in my opinion.

    this is just my opinion on what the E should do . the wwe seems to just be doing the same thing for WM as they did last year no idea who will face taker , no idea when ziggler is gonna cash in with his fued with y2j is going on . and the shield . so its a long road but i hey a man can dream can he lol
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