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    IWC Favourite WWE Superstar Tournament Round 1: Brodus Clay vs Santino Marella

    Welcome everybody to the return of the IWC Tournaments! It is where you, the people, get to decide who the best WWE superstar is in the eyes of the IWC! First of all, rules! 1. No part-timers or people with yet to be debuted gimmicks will be here (Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, Fandango will not be here) Neither will Big E seeing as he has yet to wrestle a match. Also, it is not deeming who is the best wrestler, best speaker or best one at receiving that cold hard cash, it is just your favourite based on your preferences!

    Now, with that all settled, it is time to start! Christian is on his way to the next round after a close match up with Rey Mysterio. The next match-up has the funky big man, Brodus Clay facing off against a former united states and intercontinental champion, Santino Marella!

    So vote, comment and have overall fun. These will only last a day so try and vote quickly for thy favourites! Also, all of this was randomly picked so if you don't like the match-up, too bad. Have fun and stay safe


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