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    Quote Originally Posted by MachoManFan View Post
    As much as I hate The Rock he is the better in ring competitor in my opinion. Mainly because of the iron man match vs HHH but also because Cena hates 2 states in the ring: 1) performing a basic move or 5 moves of doom move 2) looking like he's a gnat's pube away from a botch. Maybe it's his ring gear or just his build but Cena never looks comfortable outside of his rather narrow comfort zone. Don't get me wrong though, I'd rather Cena was champ and we had to watch 3 hours of him on Raw as opposed to Dwayne any day.
    I agree with this. I think Cena is better for the industry, but the rock is slightly better on the mic and sells quite a bit better. Though they both are average IMO as far as in ring goes.

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    Should have been " Whose the better entertainer " there are many other better wrestlers than these 2.

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    If you take both of them when they started, Cena is the best. If you take them as the face of the company back when The Rock in the Attitude Era was the main event and Cena between 2006 & 2010, The Rock was the best. If you take both now, I would say, and that is just my opinion, both are boring in the ring. The Rock is no more THE Rock, and Cena since his marine gimmick is (I know I always say this) boring and does nothing in the ring but being destroyed by the heel.

    I voted John Cena because he was amazing between 2002 and 2005.

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    Hornswaggle is a better wrestler than both of them. They both add to the "Entertainment" part of the WWE and lack of realism. They both use moves that are glorified fireman's carries, elbow drops, run of the mill punches etc. to win matches, while people are knocked off of ladders, hit with chairs and stairs and kick out! Cena uses a fireman's carry slam to win after the 5 knuckle shuffle...rock a leg drop and elbow drop...if firemans carries won titles Brad Armstrong shoulda been champion...if elbow drops won titles, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine shoulda won more titles than Ric Flair. They were both no assuming, kick your @ss guys, similar to Harley Race.

    Cena is a no talent corporate puppet selling the WWE...Rock is a no talent actor, with a tired schtick of insults who protitutes himself to the WWE for his movie career! Who would I rather see in the ring??? Both of them, at the same time, ambushed by the Shield, only to have Ryback and Sheamus run in and ultimately join the Shield and take out the phonies with clothes-lines, brogue kicks and powerbombs!

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    I voted Cena cause at one time he entertained me on the mic, never in the ring though. The Rock has never, and I mean EVER, entertained me on either.

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    Definitely the rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynicism View Post
    I voted Cena cause at one time he entertained me on the mic, never in the ring though. The Rock has never, and I mean EVER, entertained me on either.
    Even his feuds vs Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho back in 2002 ?

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    Gotta go with The Rock, he's much more smooth in the ring then Cena.

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    Its the Rock and one of the reasons was his incredible selling.And he wasn't adamant about being a face guy forever, he played the face/heel role equally well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    There's Cena doing belly to belly here -

    Your desperate attempt to differentiate 'setup' moves from any wrestlers 'go-to' moves is just as amusing as it is off base. Nice try though.
    I don't know about you but i always thought one set-up move such as a spinebuster out of nowhere was alot more fun to watch and realistic then watching cena set up his five moves of doom and get the usual finish. And yes, because Cena did suplex's every once in a while makes him a good wrestler. Rock in his early days use to pull suplexes and other such moves out of nowhere on a daily basis.


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