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    Whose the better wrestler John Cena or The Rock

    Simple, everything aside in the ring, who do you guys think is the better wrestler, and you prefer to see in the ring.

    For me, I'm not the biggest Cena fan, but I think John Cena is the better in-ring wrestler. I've always felt though John Cena may not have been as flashier than The Rock, he doesn't do kip ups, he doesn't get cheered by most of the crowd when he does his moves of doom. (they both have there own moves of doom, John Cena with his shoulder block, spinning side slam, 5 knuckle shuffle, The Attitude Adjustment, and the STFU, while The Rock didn't have 5 he had The Rock his spinebuster, or sometimes the Rock Bottom, than the People's elbow) I feel I've always enjoyed Cena's matches more but then again its my opinion.


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