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    by the time my youngest kid (10) is my age ( a WHOLE LOT more than 10) it will rpobably be common theory that Jericho, was the best all around wrestler of his era. When the shiny has faded, and we're looking back, Rock, Cena, even austin will be seen as talented, groundbreaking, greats of their time... but the people who KNOW wrestling will talk about y2j... they'll talk about him the way we talk about macho man and mr. perfect, the way we talk about steamboat. Rock, cena, austin, are all greats but jericho had it all on either side of the fence (face/heel).
    People who know wrestling....actually wrestling fans would tell you, they'd tune in to see Austin and Rock before Jericho. People I talk to cousins, friends, ect. say that the reason they stopped watching is because superstars like them were no longer on there. I like Jericho and believe he is in the HOF one day, but do I believe he will headline a HOF like a HBK, Rock, Bret, Austin, or Hogan? I don't believe he is on that level. If he was, he sure would have had a 2nd world title reign in like 7-8 titles are not everything? Isn't that the main event, isn't that the draw, isn't that what brings people in? Someone told me the other day on here that Rock doesn't need the WWE title....he is bigger than that. Can you say the same for the likes of Jericho? I don't think so.......only a select few is in that category.


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