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    I'm stubborn, hello....the group of guys who are here defending Jericho telling me to flee, calling me names among other things. How the hell am I stubborn when I'm asking why he is in their league without receiving an answer.
    OK so the guy who you addressed this to is the only one who called you a name, so that's strike one for your inferiority complex. There have been plenty of people who have explained why they view Jericho in such a light but you just dissed them and basically said that no, they were wrong, so it's clear that your mind is closed on the matter, which makes me wonder why you're sticking around. You're not going to agree about Jericho so why are YOU coming back and back and back, I don't know. You got your answer - you didn't like it - end of story. You have no business pressing matters further just because you didn't happen to agree with the views of others. NO. Since mummy wouldn't let you out to play you stayed to kick up a fuss rather than taking it on the chin like most adults would. And when people are behaving towards you as you so proudly behave towards them - standing for what they believe to be true, it's not the same thing to you is it? You just can't be secure holding your own opinion - I wonder why that is, huh?


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