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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    The Rock is in no way the same as John Cena. The Rock has history behind him in this business and genuinely loves it (unlike some think (and I'm not saying that Cena doesn't love the business either)).
    The Rock had better mic skills than Cena.
    The Rock is a better in ring wrestler than Cena.

    The only comparison is that they've both been pushed as the face of the company. That is where any comparison stops IMO.
    Just how is Rock any better in the ring than Cena? Cena, Rock, Hogan - all proponents of the 5 moves of doom with a whole lot of kicking, punching, clotheslines and bodyslams. Hell, Rocky's go to move to "change things up" is a freaking DDT. And sorry but things like kip-ups and pandering to the crowd don't qualify as wrestling moves.

    It must be all that blood rushing away from their brains when they watch Rock that confuse his fans about this.


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