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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbluto View Post
    "Dean Ambrose is currently hugely overrated.
    CM Punk is overrated. He's good - great even - but he's not all that people make him out to be"

    Do you even watch wrestling? you just name two of the best ring/mic guys on the WWE roster.

    Most over rated
    Mark Henry
    Great Khali
    I don't know any sane person who overrates Khali. Everyone I know knows how utterly useless he is, so I don't get how you can class him as overrated,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Please don't use that word.
    Bad choice of words... My bad...

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Most overrated superstar by general populous.
    John Cena (he's still a good superstar)
    Brodus Clay
    Most overrated superstars by IWC
    CM Punk
    Dean Ambrose
    Kofi Kingston

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    Most overrated, I'm going with Wade Barrett, he bores me. All he seems to have is strength and height.

    [thinks about midcard]

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    I've never gotten the love for Kane, like, at all . The only reason I ever stick around to see him is because I'm always in awe of his Iron Giant with Downs-like rape helmet. But once that comes off, I usually lose interest in sticking around to see one of his patented sloppy choke-slams. I also find the shenanigans between him and DBD to be all kinds of intolerable.

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    Dolph Ziggler.

    Can't cut a real, genuine promo to save his life, oversells everything and can't look credible in the main event scene w/o a woman beside him.

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    I think Tyson Kidd is overrated. He, like Low Ki, is good in the ring, but hell if you want them to carry your company outside of it. But he cannot does not entertain me enough to be heralded as 'the most underrated superstar in WWE'.
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    Are we talking about specifically someone's wrestling ability or their overall ability(mic skills, wrestling ability, charisma, etc)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodenBulldozer View Post
    Are we talking about specifically someone's wrestling ability or their overall ability(mic skills, wrestling ability, charisma, etc)?
    Overall ability...

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    ryback, low mic skill, small move set and if he is against a big guy he botched his finisher ...
    he should be mid card at best


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