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    Another IWC Tournament?

    Hello forum readers and newcomers! I have a proposal for you! If you remember, about a year ago I did a tournament that never finished determining the IWC's favourite superstar.....while that was never finished, I am hoping to start a new tournament with more time on my hands this time around. So my ideas are to do different tournaments but I want your thoughts. I have three ideas or if you have another one, go ahead.

    1. IWC Favourite Superstar

    Sure this never finished but then that is the exact reason for it!

    2. IWC Favourite Entrance Theme

    Not based on how good the superstar is, but how amazing their theme is. Let's just say riley would have a better chance here.

    3. IWC Favourite Finisher

    Which one just looks sick?

    4. Other

    I.E you suggest

    So there are the ideas. If you do choose other, put in comments on what you would like to see. Note: These are current stars, no part timers (I'm looking at you Lesnar, Rock and Jericho). Anyways, have fun deciding!

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    How's about IWC's Least Favorite Superstar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    How's about IWC's Least Favorite Superstar?
    So John Cena can win something else?
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    You should do each one at a different time. Just have one per week for a month. It sounds like it could be interesting.

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    Swiss death cesero finsher so sick.
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    I always wondered what happened to the favourite superstar polls. I still want to know who the IWC favourite turns out to be.

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