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    This is a terrible idea. CM Punk is leagues ahead of Miz in every aspect of the wrestling game. And since when is Miz considered to have delivered a great promo or one of the best mic workers? Miz is stale at best and he definitely needs to work on his in-ring performance as well since he is lack-luster at best in that respect. He's uncoordinated and clumsy/awkward which is a liability when so much depends on trusting your opponent to not get you hurt. I also disagree about the apparent face turn of Miz and Del Rio. Neither is really what I would consider a face as it was just thrust upon people overnight instead of building up to the turn point of their respective careers. I can't respect a face turn when one night they're a heel bad mouthing the fans and the very next night they're acting like they've been a face all along. It would have helped their case if they would have been in a great match; received an undo amount of a beat-down courtesy of a group of people or some sneaky underhanded tactic by their opponent(s). A good heel to face turn happens in this way, throughout a single historic type match that we get to see the determination and a gradual change from heel to face within the match itself. We don't need to be told who is a face or heel, the fans are capable of deciding for themselves (we just know).

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