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    WWE: Monopoly

    I made a thread in the past, which spoke about the implications of a hypothetical change of the WWE reverting back to the WWF. It was evident that this would not be the case due to the legal issues surrounding the topic, and that being the reason for the initial change of name for the company.

    However this got me thinking of why the WWF was so controversial, edgy and on-the-edge-of-seat entertaining.

    I feel the main thing that WWE is lacking today, is genuine competition. I feel as if the only reason there was such an "attitude era" that we all seem to love on here [or most of us] is because there was a reason for the WWF to prove they were the must see show every week. They needed to bring in fans of all backgrounds, genders and ages, because otherwise they may have gone bust and we might have seen a role reversal with the WWF taking the WCW path to death.

    We can clearly see that in current times, the WWE no longer needs to innovate. This being the reasoning behind recycled storylines and "spots" *cough cough* Ring collapse *cough cough*. Because they don't need to think of anything new due to competition not being viable enough for wrestling fans to start purchasing more merch and tickets from them.

    So IWC, what is your opinion on this?

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