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    Another 2 years of Jeff Hardy

    Well can't blame them for keeping him, he is probably their top merchandise sale... As he was in the WWE if not top 3 or 5 there.... He just appeal to the younger crowd when he in his right mind.....

    No I never been a big Jeff Hardy fan, but will give credit where credit is due.... besides being a top draw, he can put on show, of I never seen that with his dare-devil moves..... But I just hope they TNA they don't need hardy as champion, there are many others in TNA locker room who deserve the chance to shine if lucky enough.....

    So what are your thoughts EWN community????
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    Jeff Hardy needs TNA, and TNA needs Jeff Hardy.

    It's a complicated relationship

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    Jeff Hardy needs TNA, and TNA needs Jeff Hardy.

    It's a complicated relationship
    Doesn't sound it.

    Better for Jeff to be a large fish in a medium sized pond than potentially misused in WWE right now.

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    I don't think they'd misuse him. He just wouldn't be THE top guy like he is in TNA.
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    Would have been a hell of a Wrestle Mania opponent for CM Punk. With their history... that could have been a huge storyline and Main Event level match. I'm not a Hardy fan at all, but that probably could have been the best replacement possible for Undertaker (if necessary). From a buyrate, standpoint especially.

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    I have never been a fan of Hardy. He can't talk. At all! Granted, he is a daredevil and can come up with an awesome moment at any time. But, so can so many other unheralded wrestlers. I think his character, the charasmatic enigma, is corny. I keep hearing he is a draw, and I guess I will take everyone else's word for it. I see him as the most overated draw in the wrestling world today. Just one man's opinion.

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    Aslong as the guy is wrestling im happy it does not matter to me what company he is in, He has great talent just hope TNA keep him relevant.

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    Me personally....I hate it. I understand the merch sales and the drawing power, but to me it's 2 more years of living in the ex WWE past and not the future of their own homemade stars.


    Just my opinion.

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    I am a Hardy girl through and through and he thinks he needs this extra two years in TNA before WWE will believe in him again and he can ebd his career in the place it started.. He belongs in WWE in my mind

    Love You Jeff <3

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    I think he'll be really important to TNA in such a big year for them, with the reduction in PPV's and moving out of the Impact Zone. He'll keep eyeballs on the product as they feel their way into this new era.

    I was pissed that keepimg him seemed to essentially cut off Aries' momentum at the knees but as long as he drops the title to Bully Ray at some point, that'll do for me.


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