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    Quote Originally Posted by james.chelsea11111 View Post this could be Kanes new theme lol
    It's already been used! Rick Rude as the phantom used it :P

    I think WWE should really use this theme they planned back in 2002 for his return. I heard it was sent back to WWE too late and wasn't used or something like that? They settled for slow chemical of course which was okay.

    His return with the Welders mask definitely should have had this though;

    Oh and Cena should definitely have this;

    I could just imagine JBL saying "Never mind that shit, HERE COMES CENA!" everytime Cena hit the ring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. McMahon View Post
    IF John Cena ever goes heel, he should change his theme song to Bad Bad Man
    The last theme John Cena should use is a song by John Cena.


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