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    2013 will be cena's most sucessfull year.

    This is a thought that maybe some of you might have conceived for a short while..but which i honestly think is gonna happen..
    cena will have the best year of his career right after he had the worst one of his career
    what to expect from cena is 2013
    well he beat down dolph somehow setting his rivalry with him to dust.
    he has not lost a match yet in 2013
    he won the rumble so he will main event
    and now as to what i predict he will do
    he will beat down the shield in a 1 on 3 handicap
    he will continue to hog on the spotlight as the main eventer of all ppvs
    he will beat the rock for the wwe tittle and he will have a tittle reign far more longer than cm punk's so he will probably carry it untill september or so of 2014 ( this is just a prediction )
    he will sucessfully put down any heel the company throws at him and he will have the most tv time for live air promos
    i truly believe wwe sacrificed alot in making cena look bad in 2012 in certain ocassions so they promised him a better year in 2013, but i honestly think all of this could be possible.
    i cant be 100% sure about it but i strongly believe in the possibility of cena having 2013 as the year that will define the pinnacle of his career.
    feel free to disagree with me i dont mind.


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