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    the usos

    ive posted this a bunch of times but this time it seems like its actually a reality but when the hell are the usos gonna be come champions . the wwe is all but dismanded both tag teams that have been in the spot light even though they shouldnt have been in the dumb scholars and team hell no. so now with most likely al 4 going back to singles are they actuually gonna push tag teams i mean hell i read that that they are going to dismand the primetime players, which i think is a bad idea, but if thats the case the usos will either finally get some tv time or they will get burried like the rest of the good wrestlers that the E kills.! personally i would love to seem them be in tna at least they would be champs there .. but come on wwe give us a damn tag team division you have no divas division and no tag division . man i miss the old days !
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    Who can tell? One minute they're revamping the division, the next it's on life support. I knew having the titles on Hell No was not only unnecessary but hasn't served to elevate the titles one bit. WWE is doing the old hoary fallback plan of sticking 2 singles guys together for a short lived team with no real plan for the long term.

    The problem with the Uso's along with the Colon's is fan perception - and WWE is not doing anything to change that. So, really - what can we do when the only place we can see these guys is on Saturday Morning Slam?

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    I may have to do some research but I believe this is the very first Samoan tag team to not just be handed the tag belts from the door. Jimmy & Jey are indeed a decent team but they are so inconsistant(not their fault) that they'll probably never win the copper(gold). They may need to act more "savage" than sensible. Umaaga had a feature match at Wrestlemania while Rikishi just wrestled at Wrestlemania.

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    Like everyone else I can't seem to understand why these guys haven't been featured better in the tag team division. It's almost like WWE has forgotten about true tag teams and now just randomly put two wrestlers together then split them up a few months down the road. Usos got a strong fan base, very popular with the crowd, and possess some really great tag team moves.


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