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    Anywhere but down for wade barrett

    I dont know if any of u feel the same way but this whole bo dallas feud with wade barrett isnt exactly making me feel happy...
    wade barrett needs to redeem himself not just as a midcarder but to go beyond and reach main event status..i do feel he could be taken seriously as such
    but this bo dallas rotundo is nothig but a thorn in his side
    i know some of u probably like the guy but i've seen his work on nxt and i'm clearly not impressed.
    why is the wwe giving this guy a push is beyong me.
    he has no looks to be a main eventer he has no charisma and he's nothing but a glorified soon to be jobber, he is the kind of peepy young rookie with no greatness or any it factor.
    in my opinion he cant well match wade barrett's height and the wwe is forcing themselvs to push too many talent as of recently they try so hard they cant even push them properly.
    for example..they tried to push ryback as a big deal, then they bring in the shield and make them look believable in taking out ryback but that has consequences, its making ryback look more weak to us now..and that's a problem.
    wwe is also trying to build up dolph and big E but with mania time in coming it's all about the former stars so the young guys will be held back for a little while.
    but what about wade barrett? what's left of him? wwe did a good job burying kofi lately and im not exactly unhappy because of it but who else do they have that is a face midcard star from smackdown for wade to feud with? nobody so they try to push the wrong guy who has no dallas..
    i wish they could've pushed someone else from nxt..someone with a strong personality, a good gimmick and a good way to work the crowd over...not this colin delaney copycat...


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