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    1.Should or will Team Hell No break up before WM29?
    Will they - I'd say yes and probably face each other at Mania with their Dr. as ref. Should they - no, the tag team division is already weak enough.

    2.Do you believe Sin Cara/Mysterio will still happen at WM29?
    I feel WWE wants them to and do the largest number of masked people thing in an arena. Hard to say if either can stay healthy enough to get a proper build.

    3.What will the world title match be at WM29?
    ADR vs Zigler

    4.If Taker can't go, who should face Punk at Mania?
    Rock vs Cena vs Punk

    5.Who should Big Show face at WM? We all know he will end up having a match.
    Ugh, let Ryback squash him

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