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    5 questions I'm asking with WM29 coming up:

    With WM29 coming, a lot of questions are left unanswered. Which is why I post this to hear others opinions on this while giving my own to see what you think.

    1.Should or will Team Hell No break up before WM29?
    2.Do you believe Sin Cara/Mysterio will still happen at WM29?
    3.What will the world title match be at WM29?
    4.If Taker can't go, who should face Punk at Mania?
    5.Who should Big Show face at WM? We all know he will end up having a match. Leave my answers at below this:

    1.I don't believe Team Hell No! should break up before Mania. They should either lose or have a match for the tag titles to attempt to retain them. Tag titles should be on the show. If it is, do you really want to see a team who can barely get booked on Raw or SD be on the show like Usos? That is exactly why Team Hell No should stay tag team til at least WM.
    2.I don't know which is why I ask the question because all the injuries they have had. What story would be around the match? They don't have a lot of history teaming together like one thought they would months ago.
    3.The reason I asked this question is because a lot of folks are talking about Orton or Sheamus winning the world title to set up a 1 on 1 at Mania. I think that isn't a good idea considering Ziggler will likely cash it in soon. Do either guy really need to be another time world champion just to keep it for a month? I think it should be Del Rio as champion either vs Ziggler, triple threat featuring Sheamus and Orton, or a fatal 4 way with Ziggler cashing in after Del Rio retains.
    4.I think choices will likely come down to Nash or Booker T if not Taker. I hope Taker is there though.
    5.For those who read rumors should obviously know why I'm asking this question because Ryback was scheduled to face Big Show at Mania. Now it is likely he will have a different opponent. Show will have a match whether you like it or not. I'd like to see him face Barrett for the IC title. Barrett knocks him out retaining the belt putting him over. Barrett barrage with his knockout elbow move with Big Show's knockout punch dynamic.

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