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    Wrestling dreams

    Ok, so... You're gonna think I'm a fucking nutjob with this one but it happened so I thought I would throw it out there...

    I had a bit of a crazy wrestling dream last night, it was wrestlemania and I only got through 2 matches and to be perfectly honest I was kind of pissed to wake up.

    First up we had alberto del rio against big show in.... Well all I can call it was the first ever farm match. They battled all over a farm and it was kind of like an episode of road runner with big show as wile E. coyote being thwarted at every turn by road runner del rio and his sidekick Ricardo rodriguez who I believe was dressed in drag.

    Next up was equally as surreal as triple h battled Brock Lesnar only triple h's entrance was not his normal routine, instead he came down, microphone in hand singing some ballad and the fans were lapping it up. The match kicked off and brock began a lengthy session of kicking the living shit out of triple h, and then when triple h snapped out of it and started to fight back fireworks started shooting out of the turnbuckles and the crowd went berserk.

    Then I woke up... I'm not going to lie it was the most entertaining dream I've had in a long time. So I was wondering if anybody else had had any equally outlandish wrestling dreams or failing that the number for a good psychiatrist.

    Thanks for reading...


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