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    While I too believe Taker will participate at Mania, the point of the thread is to discuss IF, by chance, he actually doesn't.

    I'm with the OP that a Triple Threat with Rock, Punk, and Cena would be the likely candidate in Taker's absence. People mention Brock and Punk, with Heyman being the base of the feud... but I don't see it. The WWE is very invested in this HHH/Lesnar feud and I don't see Punk getting involved. It's been planted since and after Summerslam that Trips would get his hands on Brock again. The recent F5 to VinnieMac just strengthens the opinion that it'll be Brock vs HHH at Mania.

    If Taker is out, and the Triple Threat doesn't happen - perhaps Punk challenges Dean Ambrose and the Shield for tarnishing his championship reign and getting involved? Just throwing stuff out there. Again, I fully expect to see Taker in East Rutherford.

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