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    5 questions I'm asking with WM29 coming up:

    With WM29 coming, a lot of questions are left unanswered. Which is why I post this to hear others opinions on this while giving my own to see what you think.

    1.Should or will Team Hell No break up before WM29?
    2.Do you believe Sin Cara/Mysterio will still happen at WM29?
    3.What will the world title match be at WM29?
    4.If Taker can't go, who should face Punk at Mania?
    5.Who should Big Show face at WM? We all know he will end up having a match. Leave my answers at below this:

    1.I don't believe Team Hell No! should break up before Mania. They should either lose or have a match for the tag titles to attempt to retain them. Tag titles should be on the show. If it is, do you really want to see a team who can barely get booked on Raw or SD be on the show like Usos? That is exactly why Team Hell No should stay tag team til at least WM.
    2.I don't know which is why I ask the question because all the injuries they have had. What story would be around the match? They don't have a lot of history teaming together like one thought they would months ago.
    3.The reason I asked this question is because a lot of folks are talking about Orton or Sheamus winning the world title to set up a 1 on 1 at Mania. I think that isn't a good idea considering Ziggler will likely cash it in soon. Do either guy really need to be another time world champion just to keep it for a month? I think it should be Del Rio as champion either vs Ziggler, triple threat featuring Sheamus and Orton, or a fatal 4 way with Ziggler cashing in after Del Rio retains.
    4.I think choices will likely come down to Nash or Booker T if not Taker. I hope Taker is there though.
    5.For those who read rumors should obviously know why I'm asking this question because Ryback was scheduled to face Big Show at Mania. Now it is likely he will have a different opponent. Show will have a match whether you like it or not. I'd like to see him face Barrett for the IC title. Barrett knocks him out retaining the belt putting him over. Barrett barrage with his knockout elbow move with Big Show's knockout punch dynamic.

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    1.Should or will Team Hell No break up before WM29?

    yes, it was a nice storyline, but both are solid main eventers and wwec/whc contenders

    2.Do you believe Sin Cara/Mysterio will still happen at WM29?

    hope not, they have to little history and they need a good tag team run since I do enjoy their tag work, btw turning cara heel would be even worse for him because of his zero mic skills, turning rey heel is out of the question

    3.What will the world title match be at WM29?

    Ziggeler defending against Swagger after he cashes his MITB at EC on swagger? long shot but it would be a decent match, since they both were in Vickies stable back in the day

    4.If Taker can't go, who should face Punk at Mania?

    I hope for Punk to join the Shield vs Ryback and maddockx and 2 more guys

    5.Who should Big Show face at WM? We all know he will end up having

    difficult, big show had a match with almost everybody on the roster ... I am thinking, and i really just thought about it while I am typing right now, how about Big show vs Big E langston,

    Big show and Swagger are the two remaining in the EC, swagger pins show, Ziggler runs in, cashes his briefcase in, Show gets up, knocks out Ziggler, Big E comes in, knocks out show, puts Ziggler on Swagger for the 1 2 3, setting up the Ziggler vs Swagger match and Big E vs Show, sounds pretty solid to me

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    1: Yup DB needs to break out in his own again.
    2: Probably if they want to do their mask record attempt and make piles of cash.
    3: Del Rio v Orton
    4: Shamoose
    5: Antonio Cesaro

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    1.Should or will Team Hell No break up before WM29?
    Had Rhodes Scholars won the titles, then I'd say yes, definitely. Now though, since they're stil champs, I think they're the best team to carry the titles into Wrestlemania. I do think they should lose at Wrestlemania though and then break up. I think Kane vs Bryan is a pretty appetizing match for the Extreme Rules ppv.

    2.Do you believe Sin Cara/Mysterio will still happen at WM29?
    I have doubts. They still seem to be together as a team even if Mysterio's only flirting with a full time schedule due to an unknown personal problem. IMO though, they should keep them together as a team and build towards having a match against each other at Wrestlemania 30. That's a big ask of Mysterio's body though. I'm enjoying them teaming together for now to be honest. They're an exciting team that the fans love. I think they should stick together for a while yet.

    3.What will the world title match be at WM29?
    Tough to say right now. I have a sneaky suspicion that Dolph Ziggler will cash in at Elimination Chamber to win the title. So Ziggler vs Orton (Chamber winner), Ziggler vs Jericho (chamber winner) are both possible matches. I know that they're debating Jericho vs Ryback, but I just can't picture that myself. Jericho or Orton vs Ziggler for the WHC would be great matches that would both be great ways to put Ziggler over as champ.

    4.If Taker can't go, who should face Punk at Mania?
    This of course is assuming that Punk is set to be the man that faces Undertaker at WM.
    I'd say that adding Punk to the wWE Championship match is the best solution to that conundrum. Can't really see who else he could face, given that he's odds on to be in a top match given his status as a top guy in WWE.
    I'm pretty confident that Taker will be at Wrestlemania though, and I think him vs Punk is the match to go for right now.

    5.Who should Big Show face at WM? We all know he will end up having a match. Leave my answers at below this:
    I'd like to see Ryback vs Big Show. Sure, it isn't going to be a great match, but it's a great way to put Ryback over, and give him a 'Wrestlemania moment' by having him hit a big move on Big Show (ala Hogan/Andre).

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    1.Should or will Team Hell No break up before WM29?
    A month ago, I would have said a breakup/ WM match was a foregone conclusion, but now I believe they will go into Mania as champions, drop the belts, then split on Raw the next night.

    2.Do you believe Sin Cara/Mysterio will still happen at WM29?
    No! Mysterio's frequent absenses have robbed the team of the time needed to establish them well enough to make a fued between them work. Maybe WM 30 if everthing works out.

    3.What will the world title match be at WM29?
    WWE seems intent on shoving Orton into the title picture weather people like it or not, so i'll go out on a limb and say Orton wins EC, Ziggler cashes in, Booker makes Ziggler, Orton, Del Rio triple threat.

    4.If Taker can't go, who should face Punk at Mania?
    If Taker can't go, the obvious plan would be to put him into a triple threat with Rock and Cena, but I don't think it happens. for some reason I think Sheamus gets the spot against Punk.

    5.Who should Big Show face at WM?
    I still think it should be Ryback, but if they want to go a different direction, I like the idea of Antonio Cesaro. If Cesaro got Big Show up for the Neutralizer on the biggest stage in wrestling, it would instantly catapult him to the next level!

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    Big Show - Del Rio will probably be dragged out until then.
    Triple threat with Rock and Cena for the WWE title.
    See point 3.

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    1 & 2) No. Hell No will befend against Rey and Cara at WM.
    3) Del Rio will defend against Orton. After Ziggler will cash in.
    4) Sheamus
    5) Like most, think it makes more sense for Ryback to face Show than Y2J

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    1 - Should? Yes, Will? No... keeping them as a tag team gets them on the card (likely vs Rey & Sin Cara). This saves another match spot for someone else due to time constraints. So in this instance, you have 4 guys in 1 match rather than 2 separate matches.

    2 - Rey & Sin Cara will not happen. Rey's popularity has plummeted over the past year or so. Thus the reason why Del Rio was turned face to draw the hispanic audience and the WWE questioning Rey's stability with wellness issues and his overall health. Combine that with the fact that Sin Cara is hardly a blimp on the fan popularity scale, this match would be a complete waste of time.

    3 - Likely Del Rio v Ziggler. My guess is a Del Rio rematch looking to regain his title after Ziggler cashes in on him at the EC PPV.

    4 - Right now I would say a triple threat for the WWE Title. But, I'm guessing Sheamus as well. I just cant see them turning Orton until after Mania. Would love Jericho v Punk II as well.

    5 - Show v Ryback where Ryback hoists Show up for Shell Shocked, giving Ryback his "wrestle mania moment"

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    1) No. They will split after Mania. Earlier in the year I fully expected a 4-Corners match for the belts but since they pretty much killed the division again (strange since it was going well) I foresee a Title match against Mysterio and Cara.

    2) No. I think that shipped sailed when A) Team Hell No went over a lot better than expected and Mysterio/Cara didn't and B) Mysterio fell off the map and Cara got hurt. I think Vince's or whoever's mask record fetish will have to wait for SS or WM 30.

    3) Honestly I think this is the most intriguing part of the entire Road to WM. I think the chamber is going to fill out to be Mysterio/Orton/Bryan/Kane/Swagger/Henry. I think after Jericho beat out Orton in that poll the WWE might be rethinking anything with Orton right now. I don't see how they'll be able to book Orton as a meaningful heel or Threat to Del Rio in 4 weeks time. I also don't think this match will even involve Ziggler unless he chases in AFTER the match. So I think it will be either Del Rio/Swagger or Del Rio/Henry since they currently seem to be booked as the most credible threats that can easily be written for IMO.

    4) Honestly, if Taker doesn't wrestle I fully expect Punk to wrestle Sheamus. I think they will somehow intertwine the Shield angle to involve Punk causing a match. But I'd rather see a Taker/Punk match honestly.

    5) Umm... IDK who Big Show will face. Hopefully not a celebrity. Probably Ryback honestly. It wouldn't be a bad match if given about 10-12 mins.
    List of Things I want to see happen in WWE: Will remove when they actually happen

    [ ] Jack Swagger gets a legitimate push

    [X] John Cena is beaten clean

    [ ] Dolph Ziggler Leaves Vickie

    [ ] William Regal becomes World Champion

    [X] Cody Rhodes loses this mask

    [ ] All of the Nexus members, barring Wade, get "Future Endeavored"

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    1. Not just yet. I see them breaking up after Mania sometime.

    2. Not sure it could, but at this point I have my doubts. It looks like possibly it's gonna be Rey/Cara might be involved in a match with Henry.

    3. Going with Ziggler/Del Rio here.

    4. If Taker can't go I wouldn't mind seeing him vs Sheamus or Orton. Although I can see him getting involved in the Rock/Cena match somehow making it a Triple Threat. I cannot see Punk involved in a tag match with the Shield. That would be a step back for him on the big stage of WrestleMania. With Punks long title reign over this past year he should be involved in one of the 3 big matches.

    5. Big Show vs Ryback is something I wouldn't mind seeing happen. Ryback hoisting up Show for the Shellshock would be a sight to see.

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