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    Man of a 1000 Holds vs Excellence of Execution: Who's better?

    Good evening folks,
    I've decided to make this post to see if you guys could help my friend and I resolve a debate that we've been having. My friends favorite technical wrestler happens to Dean Malenko, and mine happens to be Bret "The Hitman" Hart. He believes that Dean is the superior technical and all around wrestler. I believe that Bret is the superior. For the last while, we've constantly been having arguments over who we believe is better that have gone nowhere. We both have stated valid, invalid and just plain obscure facts, opinions and arguments. However, we still can't finally put to rest who is better. So we decided to leave it up to the people. So...
    Who do you personally like better?
    Who do you believe was the better technician?

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    Malenko = better wrestler

    Hart = better storyteller

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2Jelly View Post
    Malenko = better wrestler

    Hart = better storyteller
    I agree with this.
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    Well jelly already got it right... So question answered...

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!


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