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    Completely agree the recaps are taking the piss now before it was highlights of a segment now its a whole segment re-run again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viperfish View Post
    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably because of the spike in ratings. People haven't watched in awhile(assuming some of the people that started watching again are among them), they need to get caught up on what's going on. Same reasoning behind the WWE app getting so many plugs... it's another way to hook someone in besides the TV show itself.
    Totally agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    There's no excuse for the mulitple recaps.

    If you didn't know what happened earlier during the week (or during the same night), look the shit up on That's what the Internet is for.
    Casual fans or first time viewers may not know about though. They might not even think to think it could exist for that matter. Some people might have saw the recaps Monday,but that doesn't mean everyone else who just started watching SD ,for example, did. The fact of the matter is being caught up and aware of what's going on can be key in wrestling at times, and they are trying to cover all of the possible bases. Tired of recaps or not , people need to see there's a bigger picture to them.
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