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    What will WWE be like in 2011?

    After a year of dissapoints and surprises in WWE in 2010, the year is coming to an end. So I thought I'd ask what you think the landscape in WWE will be like in 2011! What matches and fueds do you think are most likely to happen? What do you want to see happen?

    Heres a few of my expectations:
    *The Miz vs John Morrison in any fued(not necessarily a fued over the WWE title)
    *Tyson Kidd vs Daniel Bryan over the US title
    *Alberto Del Rio winning the World heavyweight title
    *Ted Dibiase face turn and push

    Those are mine. What do you think will happen in WWE in 2011?

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    I think Triple H will return next year in time for Mania, as well as Jericho.
    The Nexus will obviously split with some going to Smackdown in the draft.
    I agree Del Rio will win the World Title, possibly via mitb.
    HBK will be involved in some way at Mania.
    Laycool will undeservedly dominate all divas on Raw and Smackdown.
    CM Punk vs John Cena and an eventual Punk face turn.

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    Big Zeke will get a push...then will probably stop, which would be a shame
    Taker will come back for a Mani match then not return until about July
    Kofi and Dolph will both be in new feuds with guys like Edge, Christian, Kane and Rey and will be seen more and more in the Smackdown! main event picture, hopefully Swagger will join then...gotta give love to Swags!
    Miz will be another Punk/Swagger/Jericho, where he faces both main event guys and mid-carders
    and most importantly...
    Jericho will return!! You can't have the biggest Sports Entertainment business without the best in the world at it!
    Don't worry Daniel, I also have a great admiration for AJ aswell!

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    Vince will continue as Boss
    Cena will remain on Raw and be WWE champ at least 2 or 3 times!
    Jericho will return!
    Miz will lose title and fued with Sheamus!
    Morrison will stay mid card!
    The Raw GM will be unveiled!
    Steph may or may not have another baby with HHH!

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    i like that idea of a Dibiase turn/push, but you have to remember, Dibiase = boring
    lol umad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid_Gangsta View Post
    i like that idea of a Dibiase turn/push, but you have to remember, Dibiase = boring
    He's ok in the ring, he just needs to develop his persona a bit...ok a lot. A feud with someone with a good heel or face gimmick would help him develop, I think.

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    Kaval will start to get his push to the upper-midcard
    CM Punk will be the best thing in wrestling
    Jericho will return being the second best thing in wrestling
    Tyler Black establishes himself on SD!
    ADR, John Morrison, and Wade Barrett will all become champions
    Taker returns--buries Kane
    Daniel Bryan gets a non-submission finisher (not counting the swift kick to the head that has won him matches)

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    Edge vs Christian for the Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 27 this is the biggest match smackdown can offer come this time.

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    lets not make this another forum about dibiase, but anyways...
    E&C will get back together
    edge will get injured giving christian a single push, but ended by zeke
    alberto winning the whc
    hhh & y2j return to raw
    and cena will be champion like always...

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    CM Punk to win WWE championship, Cena to make alot more films, HHH and Undertaker to retire from in ring activity, Christian and Y2J fued, WWe to find a way to balance out the PG and attitude eras to make everyone happy, TNA to go under and WWE to buy it

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