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    I think it's fairly simple. He's just not good enough. I don't think the casual fan really cares about Christian. Honestly after a while even I stopped caring about Christian. I think his matches are good, I think he has a way with the mic to get people to like or hate him but it's for a limited amount of time.

    A lot of people have compared Punk to Christian in this discussion and i just think that's silly. Punk's delivery on the mic is just head and shoulders better than Christian. For example I think if both were given the same exact paragraph to read by creative and couldn't deviate from it Punk's promo will sound more engaging. Think me wrong if you'd like but ALL of Punk's mic work, not even counting his 434 Title Reign, has been amazing. Christian not so much.

    I think Christian is a great ring worker but we have all know that doesn't guarantee you championships or a spot on the card. It's how people react to you and no matter how much creative has tried the casual fan won't buy Christian as a Main Eventer. I think that ship has sailed for him.
    I find myself getting more bored and bored with Punk's promos. I loved his initial "pipe bomb", but since, I'd much rather listen to Heyman. I watched the first few minutes of Punk's opening promo the other night and fast forwarded the rest. It's not funny. It's not cool. It's not innovative. It's long winded and bland. Matter of fact, I cant remember the last time I watched an entire Punk promo. I'm usually completely bored after a minute or two.

    Punk wouldnt know wit / humor if it bit him in the ass. That's what makes Christian's heel promos great. He uses a great balance of wit with ripping on his opponent / the audience. I've expected soooo much more from Punk since that initial "pipe bomb" and he has greatly disappointed.

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