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    1.) How do we go from Christian to CM Punk? I'm sorry, but those guys are nothing alike. They don't look similar, they don't have a similar gimmick, and hell they have complete different personalities. The problem is that Punk has gotten to big and so now it is uncool to like CM Punk, also known as the John Cena affect. People can not seem to really support the top guy anymore in wrestling. If Dolph gets to Punk and Cena's level I guarantee a majority of people are going to turn on him as well. That's just my two cents into the the CM Punk topic.

    2.) Christian's mic work has always been good, but his problem is his size. It isn't his look or gimmick it's his size. Edge stands at about 6'6" if I'm not mistaken, while Christian is approximately 6'2". That is a major gap in height. I think Christian is a very underrated performer for WWE and I never thought he should've left TNA.

    3.) For the original topic of should Christian get another run at a major title? The answer is no. Christian's time has come and gone and he should be focused on putting over younger talent. In fact I wouldn't mind seeing him either put over Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, or Brad Maddox. Christian should be primarily used as someone who will feud with up and comers and give them the rub or compete in the tag team division to help revive/rebuild it.
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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