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    Exactly! I mean if anyone has seen Cena vs. HBK at Wrestlemania 23 (it's on youtube) it's not like Cena ONLY has five moves. I mean, we're talking about the main event at Wrestlemania! A thirty minute classic! If you were to count every single move and hold Cena performs in that match (punches excluded), surely he'd have more than just five. I'm sure of it.

    I'm absolutely, positively sure that he can do more than five moves. Seriously, watch that match and count. There MUST be more than five moves. There has to be... Right?
    Please can you tell me who's had a bad match at Wrestlemania with HBK? I'm not saying that Cena's dreadful, but I don't think a match with Mr Wrestlemania is a good way to evidence his abilities. Michaels makes people look good, hell I seem to remember thinking that Sid was a dangerous superstar and a worthy champion thanks to Michaels selling and psychology


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