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    Quote Originally Posted by HellDemon102094 View Post
    Really, come on guys, Cena did nothing wrong in his career. The reason he is the face of the WWE, and gets in the main events, is that he worked his ass off to get where he is today. He deserves everything he gets, and is a really talented entertainer. Everyone says that he hogs all the spotlight, and that he gets way too many opportunities, but have you seen his 2012. He had the worst year of his career, he only had 2 one on one wwe title matches, the same as most world title contenders in any given year, and the wwe had cena lose to punk on both occasions. That is basically John Cena putting CM Punk over, and they actually had Cena put over Dolph Ziggler at TLC, who I don't hate or like, have no feelings toward him. The WWE gave all the fans what they wanted, and they still complain about Cena.
    over the last twenty years, the face of the company has varied on a regular basis, each top guy made way for someone to take their spot for the future;
    Bret Hart hit the mark in 1992
    Shawn Michaels took over in 1996
    Austen took the reigns in 1998
    Rock covered for Austens injury in 2000
    Lesner beat Rock in 2002
    Cena and Batista then went to the top in 2005

    8 years have passed and in that time Batista has retired and we have been forced to endure Cena performing the same moves in the same storylines all the while using the same promos under the same gimmick.

    when each of those former faces stood on top of the mountain, they developed a sense of credibility that is only obtained through losing cleanly and by putting someone over as a legit competitor

    Cena wins almost constantly and when he does to lose, it is ALWAYS under some outside interference (Vs Dolph; AJ, vs Punk; McMahon and Laurinitis) i would continue but i'm struggling to think of Cena losing more

    Superstars (especially the face of the company) have pull backstage on who should get promoted and who they lose to, cleanly; e.g Chris Jericho.

    In his eight years on top, Cena has never done that.
    in fact, anyone who draws sizable momentum, has it curtailed by Cena getting involved,
    in the last year alone:
    Brock Lesners Monumental Comeback
    Big Show's latest mean streak
    AJ's mental state and Relationships
    Dolph Zigglers selling and top quality matches
    The Shield and their presence and destruction over the roster (Pending)

    Rather than breathing life into a new, original, prospective talent
    he's killing anything that gets people talking

    I don't dislike Cena, i want to like him but his matches are weak, his promos are are worse than stale, but simply time-consuming nothing and his character is so repetitive, he has become the "bathroom break" of RAW (which is hard because he usually closes it which i hard for a 3 hour show)

    Also, when you mention "Worst year of his Career", how does that also factor his main eventing of any PPV he's involved in despite not being WWE champ at all or better matches featuring better performers on the card

    In summary
    I find Cena selfish and becoming almost a cancer of WWE since he is essentially the greatest heel in the business who is marketed as the face of the company

    He loves the limelight, the main events, the title victories, the Wrestlemania billing, the TV spots, the interviews, the movies, etc.
    he won't let anyone else take that shot, even if he has to sacrifice his own marriage, just to be the "Man"
    someone else operated like that

    Hulk Hogan
    and look at that fall from grace, we're looking at Hogan 2.0 right now
    (although Hogan did put Warrior over cleanly at Wrestlemania, so in theory, he still trumpts Cena)



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