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    Whats with all hating on John Cena?

    Really, come on guys, Cena did nothing wrong in his career. The reason he is the face of the WWE, and gets in the main events, is that he worked his ass off to get where he is today. He deserves everything he gets, and is a really talented entertainer. Everyone says that he hogs all the spotlight, and that he gets way too many opportunities, but have you seen his 2012. He had the worst year of his career, he only had 2 one on one wwe title matches, the same as most world title contenders in any given year, and the wwe had cena lose to punk on both occasions. That is basically John Cena putting CM Punk over, and they actually had Cena put over Dolph Ziggler at TLC, who I don't hate or like, have no feelings toward him. The WWE gave all the fans what they wanted, and they still complain about Cena.


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