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    Cool Most likely to win the royal rumble?

    First off I'm obviously really new here as if you look i only got 3 or 4 posts lol. I'm not much of a poster as i just like to read peoples thoughts on certain things. With that said who do you think is most likely to win the royal rumble next month. Now to me there are the most likely picks who are john cena or wade barrett. Now truth be told im a huge nexus mark, but i dont really think barrett or any nexus member should win. John Cena you got to think getting whooped on constantly for the last 6 months has got to pay off in a mania main event title match. I never been a fan of cena, but that seems like the most logical thing to me right now. Wade Barrett is most likely to move into a program with Undertaker at Wrestlemania anyways ( remember otunga threatning to reveal the real reason they attacked undertaker bet you didnt lol.) Maybe im wrong about that last part but nexus is going to be hunted by the deadman somehow. Anyways as much as i hate it John Cena is who i think is walking out of the Royal Rumble the victor.


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