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    The real main event for Wrestlemania!!!

    So with all the talk of Triple H taking on Brock Lesnar and CM Punk taking on The Undertaker(If ready) at Wrestlemania, it had me thinking. I really don't care to see Brock vs. HHH again. If the Undertaker is able to perform then he should have a great match with CM Punk, but what I would really rather see happen is this....

    Why not have Paul Heyman some how cost CM Punk the WWE Championship at EC. Thus having Punk blame and or fire Heyman as his personal manager opening the door for Brock to stick up for Heyman and lead to a Brock vs. Punk match at WM. I honestly don't think it is a necessity to have HHH and Undertaker on the Mania card due to the Rock and Brock Lesnar so you can give taker time to rest for next years WM.

    I would really like every ones opinion on this.


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