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    y2j next 5 wm ideas

    Its mr.onemanband here with a forum for you. This one will be about chris jerchio and four or five men i like to see him face at wm with next five years.

    Wrestlemania 29- i would like to see chris jerchio vs. Ryback. I believe it would help put over ryback even more when he defeats jerchio. I'm not sure that chris needs to be heel though but it could be a good match.

    Wrestlemania 30- chris jerchio vs sheamus . This is set up from royal rumble years ago when sheamus won. Jerchio returns as heel and would cost sheamus title.

    Wrestlemania 31- chris jerchio vs daniel bryan int title. Bryan has held int title for long time and is challenged by jerchio. Chris would go on to win his 10th int title.

    Wrestlemania 32- chris jerchio vs the miz . Miz would be face of company the wwe champ . Chris would be givin one more title win . You would see miz and y2j do the best mic promos without a doubt.

    Wrestlemania 33- chris jerchio vs dean ambrose. Passing of torch y2j retires as they run an ironman match won 4-3 by dean.

    So thanks and till me what you think? Oh and also which you wanna see the most:-).
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    I would love to see Jericho Vs Undertaker at WM, though with Undertaker's health and him facing Cena next year is almost certain I doubt it ever happen. But I love to see those two feud into WM.

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    Are you sure he will compete the next 5 years?

    But I really wanna see Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan for the WHC.
    They could hype it with telling Y2J was DB's first opponent in WWE.

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    I do think y2J HAS 0nly 5 years left
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    Saying that Jericho has 5 years left and saying that he will compete for the next 5 years is different. Given that Jericho likely will never be with WWE full time again (pains me to say this, but that's the reality of the situation IMO), then I'm not convinced that he will be compete for the next 5 Wrestlemanias.

    I think he will be involved in some way at Wrestlemania 30, since that's going to be a huge event. Beyond that though, I'm not so sure we'll see Jericho in any more matches.
    I hope we do, but I'm not convinced.
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