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    Cena/Orton giving huge push to midcarders

    I have an idea for a storyline that would multiple over the span of a year and form tons of other great storyline from it with new ideas and stuff. It would involved Cena/Orton being Champions and getting one final big push and putting over some talents BIG TIME. Here's how it would all start.

    For WM30 it should be Randy Orton vs John Cena for the WWE/World title.

    Randy Orton turns on John Cena at Survivor Series and cost them the elimination tag match. He returns with a new gimmick, he is a mix of the viper and legend killer. He has the mic skills and cockiness he did when he was the legend killer but has the intensity, anger and is furious like the viper. Orton is currently the World HeavyWeight Champion. Then he interferes in the Royal Rumble and gets Cena eliminated. Interferes in the Elimination Chamber and makes sure Cena doesn't win the WWE title.

    He says he will end the Legend of John Cena. This is where at started, 10 years ago at WM John Cena won his first title in his first WM and never looked back. He started a legecy, being in every WM since and winning several world titles, now it all ends 10 years later at WM because Randy Orton will kill the only Legend remaining in the WWE (fulltime). The rivalry is go intense right now, with all the promos and hype surrounding it. Orton and Cena have never faced each other for the title at WM. This is the right time for this match, both these guys in their prime and currently the two biggest stars on the roster. It will be our generations Rock vs Austin WM17 match or Hogan vs Warrior WM6 match. Orton ends up winning the match.

    The Raw after Wrestlemania Cena is in a tag team match with Daniel Bryan. If Cena wins the match he gets a rematch with Orton. Cena/Bryan vs Orton/Big Show. Bryan goes on the top rope to superkick Orton but Orton moves out in time and Bryan accidentally hits Cena. Orton with an RKO gets the win. After the match Cena helps Bryan up but looks disappointed. Cena has enough and finally snaps and turns heel.

    Events led up to which Cena joins forces with Orton. They form a very dangerous tag team together and dominate the roster. Cena wins WWE title, Orton with World title. Both form a heel tag team and also capture the Tag Team Titles. Cena win IC title, Orton wins US title. They keep this up for a few months. They drop the tag team titles to any team of your choice, help them go over and make them looks strong after feuding with them for some time. Slowly they start dropping the US/IC titles in huge feuds with guys who could use a title reign and a big push. Same thing with the World/WWE titles.

    This could benefit so many people. Cleanly beating Cena/Orton for the title, imagine how much presage the titles will have after this. Imagine how over these guys will be whoever won the belts. We will never have to look back at them and will have possibly 3-4 established new stars.

    Later on after they loose all the titles. Cena/Orton remain a tag team and win the tag team titles once more just to loose it again later on to put another tag team over. By this time we are at the Royal Rumble. Cena/Orton work together at RR and eliminate 5-8 guys but greed catches up and they both try to eliminate each other when neither one is looking and both end up getting eliminated at the same time. Then at Elimination Chamber Orton they promise to work together and eliminate all 4 guys together and then face each other to determine the winner but just as the match starts and all 6 men have entered. Out of nowhere Orton quickly RKO's Cena out of nowhere and eliminates him face. Cena, shocked and betrayed in disbelief, Orton wins the Elimination Chamber and wins the World Title. WM31 Cena Face vs Heel Orton one last time to close this year long feud, it is for the World Title. Great match both ways, Cena goes for the AA but Orton escapes and hits the RKO. Referee is knocked down and slow to get on his feet. The RKO takes out a lot from Orton and both men are down. Suddenly the MITB winner comes storming into the ring and the match becomes a triple threat. Orton/Cena on their feet but both are really tired and beaten up. The MITB winner makes quick work of both of them and the triple threat last for 3 minutes. MITB winner does his finisher on both men and then pins both men at the same time for 1,2,3... Winner! This way we have a new champ at WM31 that doesn't involve Orton/Cena, another star gets a push and brags that he beat both Cena/Orton at the same time for the title at WM.

    Just looking for some input!


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