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    Raw 2/4: Dolphless?

    Hi Team,


    Does anyone have any theories on why the WWE failed to find 1 minute of TV time for Dolph last night? He's seemingly in a high-profile feud with Chris Jericho and he's the current MITB holder. He main-evented a PPV just two months ago against John Cena, but Bo Dallas got more TV time last night. Clearly I'm a big Ziggler fan, and this might come off as whining - but from an honest business standpoint - where does this make sense?

    Even more frustrating, there was a perfect opportunity to include him last night. Hear me out: Y2J vs Punk put on an awesome, lengthy, and entertaining match. A few different times Y2J had Punk in the Walls in the center of the ring. Why not have Ziggler run in and Superkick his head off? Perhaps via ref distraction, Punk gets the win capitalizing on the downed Jericho. Ziggler looks impressive and viscious. Y2J doesn't take a clean loss (although to Punk isn't bad). Y2J and Ziggler add another layer to their feud. Hell, Ziggler appearing on the Titantron and taunting the recently-defeated Y2J would have been better than nothing.

    Could they be going with one of these routes?:
    - Dolph would say something like: "If the WWE Champion doesn't need to be on Raw, than neither do I."
    - Let him slip under the radar for a few weeks to pop up at EC and cash-in?
    - Keep Dolph away form Y2J until Mania, have Y2J enter the Chamber and win?

    Last thought: (And not just because I'm pulling for it). I think a lot of us felt that RR might have been the last Del Rio vs Big Show match. I felt it was very likely the WHC would be defended in a Chamber, making it difficult for Dolph to cash. I think the WWE making one more match with Show vs. Del Rio gives Ziggs that last opening he needs to cash-in. I could see Y2J or Orton winning the Chamber, ultimately to fight Dolph rather than Del Rio.


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