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    The High Point of John Cena and Randy Orton passed?

    OK. This thread's about asking you all at what point did Cena and Orton reach their high point and when they lost their steam in WWE where it didn't feel forced, like the WrestleMania 29 victory of John Cena over the Rock as we all know is happening. Now, we all felt it back in 2011 some time after CM Punk totally owned John Cena on the mic, that Superman's momentum has passed.

    Now, to me, their High Points were their rivalry back in 2009, Randy Orton and John Cena both fought in the WWE and World title matches, the night Cena won his, and Orton lost, then a month later at Back Lash, John Cena lost the World Title where Orton regained his. Now, WrestleMania 25 was a decent event, then Orton finished his rivalry with HHH and Cena finished his long time rivalry with Edge and then moved on to defeat Big Show. Thus the rivalry began again for the "Rock/Austin" of the new generation.

    Started at Summer Slam then extended to Breaing Point's "I Quit" match, then onto the brutal Hell in a Cell, which finally culminated in the 60-minute Iron man match. which Cena was the over all victor. Now, John Cena and Randy Orton's rivalry didn't seem too big to me, and I often wondered, since they fought at Summer Slam in 2007, then again in 2009, were they gonna do what Austin/Rock did for WM and fight at Summer Slam 2011? Then it hit me, they didn't have t, because there rivalry is done, and if their blood feud is finished, then what's left for them?

    So over the span of 2009 was the hieght of their careers, Cena's pushes are getting really really old, I mean, faster than usual and I am getting super tired of them, and it feels everyone else is, maybe Cena's victory over Rock at WrestleMania's gonna be the last thing he needs to do. What else does he need to prove? That's the absolute last of his energy and steam, his superman momentum has faded and lost everything it had back 4 years ago. And we all know Orton has nothing left to fight for anyway, he lost to Cena, he won his world title in 2004, he's now a semi-main eventer who will never taste the main spot ever again.

    Now, we make way for CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, (probably not Roman Reigns), Kofi Kingston, The Miz(sadly), Wade Barrett, Sheamus(sad but true), and the next few big indy anmes waiting in the side lines, just waiting for their moment. Hogan lasted for only 10 years, Austin/Rock lost their steam after 10 years, Cena's time is done. His time is up, and who;s time will it be next year?

    Cena and Orton's High Points and Beginning of their Ends.
    (And who ever else you believe's time's are up)and while you're at it, who's time is it to be the next face of WWE?

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