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    Question Performance Evaluation - AJ Lee

    So, now that a lot of the initial feelings about AJ Lee have been dealt with in bathrooms across the world - how do we all think she is doing? The storylines have seen her go from one wrestler to another, in my opinion pretty needlessly, since she was getting a decent reaction on her own and didn't seem to need to be hanging around main event stars to get over.

    So, now that she's ensconced in the Ziggler/Lee/Langston trifecta, what do we make of her now? Has she lost heat or is she going stronger than ever? Should she ditch Dolph and simply pursue her wrestling career or is there plenty of time for that later?

    I can't help but feel that she has served much of her usefulness in the eyes of the WWE. In typical WWE fashion, they thought she was great while she was burning bright and hot but now she's on the wane, however so slightly, my thoughts are that WWE will view her as a spent force. It's happened with talent before - pushed hard and fast and then - where to?

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