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    This. I don't get how people don't understand how this shit works but yeah, Ziggler has all the time in the world and he's only going to get better... perfectly said my man. A better question would be have they waited too long with Orton, he was so damn good when he was younger but ever since all the big names left he's just been floating around in obscurity not really doing anything memorable in the last few years. He's still in his prime, his in-ring work is top 3 in the company (Danielson, Punk, Orton) and if they don't turn him heel and set him up with a good program soon, I fear we may be witnessing one of the biggest wastes of talent in WWE history. Look at Christian, he's past his prime now and I don't remember a single feud I really enjoyed with him (except maybe Orton). At least Randy has a body of work in singles competition from when he was younger that stands on its own.
    It's not that I don't understand, I'm just confused as to what they're doing. It would be different if he had been pushed then got cold-feet dropped him back to the midcard, which has happened. He pretty much has to be WHC with this briefcase and I'm just curious to see how they are going to do this with time quickly running out for him.
    List of Things I want to see happen in WWE: Will remove when they actually happen

    [ ] Jack Swagger gets a legitimate push

    [X] John Cena is beaten clean

    [ ] Dolph Ziggler Leaves Vickie

    [ ] William Regal becomes World Champion

    [X] Cody Rhodes loses this mask

    [ ] All of the Nexus members, barring Wade, get "Future Endeavored"


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