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    Have they waited to long for Ziggler

    The more I think about the MITB contract that Zigs has the more and more I think WWE missed their chance to make him the champion. I honestly can't see anyway a heel Dolph Ziggler will be winning the championship. I think the SD ME is about to get booked (seemingly fairly well) solid for ADR as champ. Surprisingly, face ADR has done well as champion. The way I see it in the Elimination Chamber either Orton or Swagger will win. I read this somewhere else on the forum but I think a ADR/Swagger feud (reminiscent of Eddie and Kurt at WM 20) and match would be great. The rumors of Orton turning heel and a over face would put him back in the spotlight. It just seems those two are top contenders in my mind that will challenged ADR into WM and into ER, maybe longer.

    If the WWE took the time to turn Orton heel or built Swagger up to Main Event WM as a heel why have them drop the belt to Zigs or make their turn pointless and overshadowed by Zigs cashing in on ADR and starting a new feud. I honestly don't know how this is going to turn out. I know July is a long ways away, but I think the WWE got cold feet at some point and now they don't know what to do. They gave the Zigs face gimmick to Miz, so a face turn might be out of the question.

    What are your thoughts because I'm pretty nervous something is going to turn out bad.
    List of Things I want to see happen in WWE: Will remove when they actually happen

    [ ] Jack Swagger gets a legitimate push

    [X] John Cena is beaten clean

    [ ] Dolph Ziggler Leaves Vickie

    [ ] William Regal becomes World Champion

    [X] Cody Rhodes loses this mask

    [ ] All of the Nexus members, barring Wade, get "Future Endeavored"


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